Christianity and Islam: What American Christians need to know about Muslims

Christians and American Unity

After a difficult election season, Donald J. Trump will be our next president. Congratulations to my brothers and sisters who supported him. The voters have decided, so now all Americans must do our best to support our president-elect. This means that we must try to unite behind the positive vision of our new leader.

Christians, however, have an even more sacred obligation: we must advance God’s priorities, even ahead of the “interests” of the United States. Everything else being equal, God wants us to support our leaders.  But when the President says and does things which are opposed to God’s kingdom, we have no choice but to resist those things strongly.

As a candidate, Mr. Trump made a number of extremely anti-Christian comments about Muslims, promising to take actions that clearly oppose the Word of God. Now that he has been elected, will he behave as many of his supporters wish, harassing Muslims citizens and immigrants? Or will he take a more Christian approach, seeking justice for all, and protection for the disadvantaged among us? If Mr. Trump does not behave in a radically different manner than he has over the past eighteen months, then Christians will have no choice but to strongly oppose him.  Trump may be committed to “America First,” but Christians must place God at the top.

The Newport News Daily Press, my local newspaper, wrote the following in today’s editorial:

“While we hope the best for, and from, the incoming president, if the worst suggestions of his campaign are put into action, this newspaper will place itself in the breach between those ideas and the people they target.  We will not, ever, assent to majority persecution of the minority.”

If you are a Christian, then you have been called to live in that breach.

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